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Search Engine Optimization Steps for Web Sites

6. Color Matching: Pixie is a tool that I use daily to help me match a color exactly for a document that I’m creating or a color I’m trying to replicate on a website. Run it, simply point to a color and it will tell you the hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK and HSV values of that color.

2. Keywords are the actual ‘keys’ to increase your site traffic - Keywords are the terms that users enter in the search field to look for a topic on web. - Place the right keywords in the right spots throughout your site. - Place appropriate keywords in headers, quality backlinks generator titles, search friendly URLs, images, sub headers, content etc. - Be careful with the number of keywords that you use. Placing too many keywords would label your site as spam by search algorithms or placing too little keywords might push your site away from visibility.

I love Google and Yahoo. With Google and Yahoo I can search the Internet on any subject that interests me, at any time day or night, in the comfort of my home. I was thinking how much fun it is to learn new things with Google or Yahoo, compared to the boredom or learning torture that public schools put millions of kids through every day. Let’s consider the differences in how a typical child (we’ll call her Jenny) learns when she uses Google or Yahoo, compared to how she learns in her public-school classroom.

Be sure the sample report the company shows you is in aformat that you can easily understand. For example, itcould be in the form of a chart that covers a period of atleast six months and presents data such as the top 50positions broken down on a monthly basis or the top 10 pageseach month. Then, determine that the company you areconsidering actually monitors these positions or pagesevery month, and that the sample report they show youconsist of findings and recommendations for the specificsite. This insures that the company will actively monitorand make alterations to their strategy on a continual basisrather than simply gather statistics on your positions. Youneed a company that is actively participant in your searchengine marketing campaign, not just an informationgatherer.

This will empower you to make a username and secret key. Verify that your firmware is working. While going for a Wireless setup, verify search engine optimization that you set your SSID and make a special username and secret word so that your neighbors don’t interrupt into your remote extent.

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